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Seascape 3D Screensaver

This screensaver conveys the whole atmosphere of the seaside with the murmur of the ocean
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9 December 2015

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Do you dream of living near the coast in a beach house where you can see the ocean waves from your porch? While we cannot buy you a villa next to the sea, we can definitely lead you to the beautiful Seascape 3D Screensaver 1.01.3 which offers you a glimpse of the serene life that you can experience near the coast. You will get to immerse yourself in a sanguine landscape with its unhurried pace and can observe the riveting coastline.

When the Seascape 3D Screensaver 1.01.3 starts to play you would be transformed to an exciting place by the sea where you can observe varied sights with pleasure. As the waves move back and forth their rhythmic sound is likely to make mind at rest and you can even spot seagulls and hear their exciting cries. You can notice an imposing lighthouse standing in midst of the sea guiding sailors to stay clear of the rocks. The view of subdued hills in the backdrop and the bright clear skies can simply enthrall you. As the scene changes to sunset you can observe the dim lights streaking across the sky and caressing the lighthouse. The concentric light effects seem to be very close to real and your would like the stark landscape surrounding the lighthouse. On the coast you can see several boats docked neatly in the harbor of which a majority of them seem to be sailboats which seem to beckon you to come onboard. There are small old style houses visible on the coast and some trees scattered on the hilly backdrop. The evening scenes make for a special mention as they portray placid clouds in dark shades.

Made for soothing your tired senses, this classy Seascape 3D Screensaver 1.01.3 earns a decent rating of 3 stars on account of its neat graphics, well thought imagery and apt sound effects.

Publisher's description

The ocean covers 2/3 of the Earth's surface and it has more secrets than we could ever imagine. You could stare at the waves for hours on end as if there was some mystery in them. It has something that
catches your eye, something soothing and relaxing. This screensaver conveys the whole atmosphere of the seaside with the murmur of the ocean, the cries of seagulls and the songs of the wind. Listen to these calming sounds and watch the eye-pleasing scenery! Forget about all you problems and dive into this world of relaxation and meditation.
Seascape 3D Screensaver
Seascape 3D Screensaver
Version 1.01.5
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